2021 Upcoming Board Meeting Dates/New Meeting Time

January 17, 2023


 Quarterly Pest Control service is scheduled for :


Tuesday-Dec-06 Buildings: 769, 775, 777, 781, 783, 785, 787, 789, and 791


Tuesday-Dec-13 Buildings: 743,745,747,761,765,771,773


Tuesday-Dec-20 Buildings: 753,755, 757, 759, 763, 767


Freeze Warning

Garbage Pickup Reminder

Emergency Procedures



Places for Rent or For Sales




Thank you for visiting Harwood Condominiums website. 

We are the property managers for the Homeowner’s Association.  We are not involved with the rental or sales of the individual units. 

For more information about available units for sale or lease at Harwood Condominiums, we suggest you check out the following websites or contact a real estate professional:


Emory’s Off Campus Housing Website


Or you can check the kiosk at the Houston Mill entrance where some owners may post information about units available for sale or lease.

Office Hours are Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm